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We met through a common friend and fell in love. After a year, we got married. It was a loveand- arranged marriage. I was 24 and she was 22. In 2003, just a couple of months after our marriage, our problems began. She didn’t like living with my parents. Her parents threatened to file a dowry harassment case against me. So, I bought a plot, built a house and we moved out.


We fought occasionally and her parents interfered in everything, but otherwise, we got along okay. As recently as in 2011, we went for a north India trip with our son, then six. In 2012, she started distancing herself from me. I asked her to tell me what was bothering her. But she didn’t say anything. I wish I could delete last year from my life.


My neighbours told me a man would come with her to our house every afternoon. I grew suspicious, but I wanted to be sure. I bought a spy camera from Burma Bazaar. It looked like a remote car key, and cost me Rs 2,500. The shopkeeper said the battery would last two hours. When I tested it, the charge lasted just half an hour.


So, I had to find out when this man came home, and time the placing of the camera. I placed it on the compound wall of the house in front. It captured videos of his coming, parking his bike inside the compound and going inside.


Thud of the bedroom door


Initially, I thought it was just an emotional relationship. I wanted to know what they talked. I got a Sony mp3 recorder and placed it in a shoe in the living room. It had a battery that lasted eight hours. I heard the recording on my way to office and back. There were long periods of silence. Then he came and they talked. There was romantic stuff like “I love you”. I kept telling myself it was just talk, and not physical. Then I heard the bedroom door close. It opened after an hour.


I stopped my bike and sat on the footpath and cried. It was raining and people watched me. I didn’t care. I was near Ulsoor Lake. I felt like jumping into it. I then told myself the relationship was over. I had to be courageous and get out of it. I read up on the law. I needed evidence to prove her infidelity. I wanted to file for divorce before she foisted a false case on me. If it is proved that the wife was in an adulterous relationship, the husband need not pay alimony.


I have a duplex house with several rooms. I had to find out which room they used. I placed the recorder in the shoe again. I shut each door one by one. I then matched the sounds. It seemed like the bed room. I wanted to be doubly sure. I gave a call on my landline and used a stop watch to note how long she took to come to the phone. One day, I spoke like a telemarketer from a bank. My stopwatch indicated she had walked up from the bedroom.


Mobile tower tracking


She then went to Hospet, ostensibly to attend a friend’s wedding. Her lover went along with her. Using a spy device, I found out which mobile towers her phone was connected to. I then went to all the lodges covered by the tower. I told them I was investigating something and looked for her lover’s name in the registers. I found their names at one of the lodges. I knew he would not fake his name because hotels ask for identity proof. I didn’t let my wife know I had got to know of her affair.


The next step was to get video images. I needed to instal a camera in the bedroom. We have a 30-year-old TV that still worked. I deliberately messed up the wiring. I didn’t want her to doubt anything. I kept quiet for a month. I then modified its wiring so that the power was always on. I connected the cable to a digital video recorder. I made my computer stop working, and placed the digital video recorder in it. Old TVs have small openings in front. I drilled one of them to make it bigger, and placed a camera inside. After setting it up, I used a vacuum cleaner to clean up the copper wires and insulation.


The law’s stipulations


I recorded them for five days from different angles. The law says to prove adultery in court, the faces should be visible, the people identifiable, and intercourse should happen. I wish the law simply said holding hands or kissing was enough. Recording and watching this is not easy. One needs a lot of strength.


When I had the video ready, I showed it to my wife on my laptop. She wept and said things like, “I am not worth your love. Hit me. Shout at me.” I didn’t scream or raise my hand. I had lost all feelings for her. I coldly said, “You have seen this. Now get lost.”


The same night, I called her parents and showed them the video. She pleaded with me not to tell them. I had no intention of harming her, but I had to defend myself. Her parents had threatened to foist a false dowry case and send me to jail. I asked them to take their daughter with them. Otherwise, I was afraid she would commit suicide and I would be in trouble.


I had transcribed what they spoke and at what time. I put everything in an excel sheet, and password-protected it. All these, I told myself, would come in handy in court.


That was in November last year. The week I showed her the video, I also sent her a legal notice. I tipped the postman to ensure she personally received and signed it. It was a registered letter and I can track the number on the Net and prove she received it. I didn’t want her to say she didn’t receive the notice and then file a case against me.


The in-laws angle


I didn’t want to defame her by taking the video to court. I asked her to agree to a mutual divorce. Her parents were fine with me not giving her any maintenance. They asked me to take care of my son’s expenses. I will certainly do that. He is my son. I have sent my son with her. He is young and needs a mother. She hasn’t been a good wife, but she has taken good care of our son. I meet him only on weekends.


We filed for divorce, citing incompatibility. I expect the divorce to come through in May this year. I spent about Rs 50,000 for the cameras. It was a good investment. It saved me Rs 25 lakh in alimony.


For those who want to use spy cameras on their cheating spouses, I have some advice. You need a calm mind, patience, courage, and trustworthy friends with whom you can share your secrets. You need friends who will not incite you to do something in a rage. Everything else can be googled.


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